• The Difference Made When You Hire SJH Financial

  • Posted on March 15, 2018
  • One key element that sets Scott Herckis and SJH Financial apart from many other financial counselors is their innate ability to communicate everything to his clients when it comes to every aspect of finance. Scott feels that financial advice is worthless if the person receiving it has either can’t use it or has no idea why using it is a good idea. Like Scott Herckis, the counselors at SJH Financial are experts, but they don't just tell clients how to make money, they explain why their ideas are better and how they work in the context of their overall business strategy.

    Scott Herckis

    If you are looking for outside financing to start or grow your business, if is a simple fact that the first round can be incredibly intimidating and you need help to muddle through. That was a key reason Scott Herckis created SJH Financial back in 2009. He has a strong passion for helping small business owners make the best possible financial decisions; those that benefit them most and ensure them a bright future.

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